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Manuela Arcuri è incinta

Written by Michela | 22 October, 2013 14:41

Dear friends gosspfacile Manuela Arcuri, 36 years, reveals exclusively to Chi, to be pregnant:”I'm pregnant with my boyfriend John. We are delighted, is a year that we were looking. I found out that she is pregnant with a test taken in pharmacy. I was at home, I hoped and expected it. My partner was at work and in the evening, when he returned, I have prepared for a romantic dinner and I gave him the good news”.

"I live the changes in my body in a natural way, with serenity, also because the changes remind me that inside me is growing a life. The Italian men say that I am doing a baby, not that they are greased. I am also a woman, it is normal that dreamed of becoming a mother, although this is a less known aspect of my. however, fra un anno, I will return to be the first Manuela, we give them this hope!.After the birth of my son will not return to work immediately, I will take a few months just for him ".

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